Who’s Getting The Money?

New England was ranked in 2nd place for Venture Capital Investments by PWC Money Tree. $535, 895,700 was invested via 88 deals. Silicion Valley was #1 while Metro NY came in a close 3rd in Q4 2010.

When you look at who is getting the money you can see a clear separation in the number of deals and the size.

The BioTechnology industry had $166 M invested in various companies. This 31.06% of the VC money in all of New England. This was done through 20 deals.

Medical Device and Equipment industry came in second in amount at $97 M but did that number through 11 deals. This represents a much higher amount per deal.

The Software industry was first in the number of deals at 25 but third in total amount invested at $92 M.

Rounding out the top 4 was the Industrial/Energy industry with 10 deals for a total amount invested of $78 M.

After the top 4 you see a significant drop in the amount invested as Healthcare totaled $20 M while Consumer Products and Services finished in last with only 1 deal at $4 M.

Q4 2010 was the worst 4th quarter since 2002 for the number of deals and the amount invested.

The positive though is the amount of money invested in start-up seed stage stayed consistent with 2009 which out performs any year in recent history.

The hope we can have is more companies are being started and money is flowing to them which in turn will create more opportunities and jobs for the Boston market.


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Over the past 10 years the New England Business Advisor has helped over 300 small business leaders identify ways to increase the return on investment from thier employees, control costs and increase profits.
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