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Please join us on April 17th, 2012 for a panel discussion with some of Massachusetts’ most successful family business leaders!

 Best Practices for Family Businesses A panel discussion with some of massachusetts’ most successful family business leaders hosted by the suffolk university sawyer business school. Family businesses are the foundation of the economy. These businesses face many unique challenges on a … Continue reading

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Keeping Employees Productive During The Holiday Season

Today I had a chance to speak with Todd and Tom on their morning radio show on WRKO 680 AM. We focused on maintaining employee productivty through the holiday season. Here is and overview of our conversation and some additional … Continue reading

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Saving A Business …

      Your business is struggling and cash flow is tight. You can see the light at the end of a tunnel but can you get there. You know you need to free up some cash but the real question is how. Some … Continue reading

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It’s The Feet Running Around That Can Determine Your Business Success …

How many small business owners stayed home and dreamed of having employees. I would be very confident by saying not many or should I say NONE! I know I never once got excited about having employees. I did understand and still … Continue reading

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How To Get Venture Capital Money – The Basics

Here is a quick overview of the basics (i.e. how to prepare for your first meeting) I learned while securing investors in the past.  This is just the basics but you must have a solid foundation to build on. Who … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Your ‘A’ Players …

  Turnover in any business is unavoidable. You will have employees who leave on their own for many reasons. It may be retirement or relocation for example. However in a large amount of small businesses turnover is the direct result … Continue reading

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Do you have it in you …

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How many times have you or has someone told you their new years resolution. Hundreds … maybe thousands? The problem is hardly anybody takes the making of new year’s resolutions seriously and they don’t have the resolve to overcome the … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform … Changes For 2011

With this 2,000 page document many small business owners are struggling to stay on top of their new requirements. Here is a snap shot of what changes took effect for 2011. Group Health Plan Nondiscrimination Testing. Fully insured group health plans … Continue reading

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